5 December 2013

Forget a ballgown, my favourite gown is of the dressing kind.

 // Coat - Urban Outfitters, £85 // Shirt - Primark // Leather trousers - H&M, £15 //

By far the most expensive item I own, this coat was my treat to myself. There are so many fluffy teddy-bear coats around this season, all very similar. Unlike most, this one isn't a tailored version, making it more of a casual coat you can wear every day and feel comfortable in. It also fulfills the function of a coat: it actually keeps you warm! This, let's face it, is something some of the nicest coats just don't do. Many of the blazer-style or boyfriend coats don't do up or have an extremely low neck, letting the wind blister in and chill you like hell, but mercifully this one zips up.

This purchase really reminded me of the benefit of buying from shops instead of shopping online. It was the actual feel of this coat that sold it to me. Unlike most of the other "fluffy" coats that look soft but generally aren't, this one literally feels like you're being enveloped by a ball of cotton wool.

Despite getting 20% off thanks to a coupon from ELLE mag and using a gift voucher I had, the coat set me back £50. I know it's a lot, but who wouldn't pay that to never have to leave the snuggly dressing gown feeling at home!

8 November 2013

Rock chic

 // Blazer - charity shop, £3 // Cropped shirt - H&M, £15 // Leather trousers - H&M, £15 // Boots - Agyness Deyn x Doc Marten, £90 //

Blazer and shirt combo: pretty simple, pretty classic. Add leather trousers for the - ohgod I sound like my mum - "rock chick" feel.

I based this look on the Saint Laurent Pre-Fall 2013 campaign, featuring a minimalistic take on rock chick. I am in love with the whole mood/style/atmosphere captured in the YSL A/W13 catwalk, which if you haven't watched yet is here. Saint Laurent have featured loads of my favourite models of the minute: this season Cara Delvigne, Lindsey Wixon and Sam Rollinson walked for the A/W13 show (link above); the Fall Winter 2013 campaign featured Cara again and the Pre-Fall 2013 campaign was fronted by Sky Ferreira and Freja Beha. If you can only be bothered to check out one of those links go for either Freja or Sam. I feel like they're lesser known but Freja's campaign for YSL was just so sleek and Sam Rollinson I stalk on instagram hourly, just in case she uploads a new pic of herself/herself partying/her living the life I wish I had.

I think I may do a post based on the models/designers who I've fallen for this Fall, but, hey, I always say I'm going to do a post on something but never do.

22 October 2013

An embellished tale


// Leather jacket - New Look via carboot, £2 // Checked shirt - Primark, £6 // Beaded top - Topshop sale, £20 // Velvet skirt - Topshop, £30 // Ring - Topshop sale, £2 // Agyness Deyn Doc Martens, £90 //

I bought this beaded top for half price, but for such a dressy top it still seemed like a lot of money for the amount of wear I'd get out of it. Dressing it down by layering it with a classic simple checked cotton shirt and leather jacket combo meant I could get away with it for sixth form. Previously I had only worn it three times, so I'm dead pleased.

Speaking of the dead, who's looking forward to Hallowe'en?! I've finally decided on a costume idea, but as usual I've not left much time to execute it! Little bit about me: Halloween is my favourite holiday, because I'm a bit of an introvertly wannabe goth - see it reflected in my haste to jump on any punk/grunge/dark romance trends. Also, my music taste provides the perfect backdrop to the celebration. For those who didn't catch the reference, "Faries Wear Boots" is the name of my favourite Black Sabbath song; it seemed an appropriate title of blog for a girl who rarely steps out without her docs on.

18 October 2013

It's red velvet, cupcake

// Sheer and velvet top - Primark, £6 // Leather trousers - H&M, £15 // Doc Martens  - Agyness Deyn for Doc Marten, £90 //

This outfit I wore to go to this local gig at the pioneer about two weeks ago. I've definitely got a focus on texture at the moment: this outfit comprised of sheer mesh, leather and velvet layered on like lace. The top was one of those things that you try on and then just have absolutely no debate before buying - £6! I swear Primark is an actual lifesaver.  

If you haven't already invested in a pair of leather trousers, I seriously recommend you do. They go with anything, even pairing with a lady-like blouse just adds a new twist to the outfit. I really can't tell you how much I've worn these.
Buying from Primark does of course raise certain ethical issues, but one thing I always notice is that Topshop, River Island, H&M and all the other high street stores always have labels that say "Made In Japan/Taiwan/India" and surely these companies will all pay the workers minimum wage, just like Primark, and most likely don't overly regulate the conditions their workers are in, just like Primark. I guess the main problem is just that there is little selection of fairtrade and sweatshop free clothes available. Plus, what is available is very expensive and therefore inaccessible to the majority of young consumers - trust me if I could afford to buy from American Apparel I would! What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments section!!

8 October 2013

Alexa Chung on the cheap

// Dress - Primark, £5 // Blazer - Primark via charity shop, £3 // Leather jacket - New Look via car boot, £2 // Doc Martens - "vintage" via car boot, £2 // Locket necklace - Primark, £2 // Amber earrings - stolen via mum, no charge! //

Today's outfit takes inspiration from one of my fashion icons: the mighty Chung. Despite, of course, having just as much access to the expensive couture brands as Alexa does and having many, many connections to designers such as Karl Largerfeld and Emma HIll (of Mulberry); I freely decided to act like the rest of her cult following and copy her style from the highstreet - not because I've got no £, (actually make that p) or anything.

A skater skirt or dress is a typical shape for Alexa and they're available everywhere at the moment. Topshop and River Island offer great "mid-range" price choices, but many of us can't range to that mid too often. My almost-empty pockets point to Primark. An admittedly smaller selection, but who can argue with £5?

If you've got the time you can easily make a simple skater dress more interesting by cutting the collar and cuffs off a white shirt, leaving a few inches round the side and tacking them onto the dress. Look to the Valentino A/W13 collection for some inspiration. As well as trying a shirt with lace details, you could try  one in a contrasting colour to your dress or with an interesting pattern - maybe checked? I'm planning to do a blog post on my own attempt, so if the idea appeals, keep tabs on this blog!

Final money saving tips: Obviously car boots if you can brave the early starts and regular trips to the troves of your local charity shops - ask them what days they generally put stock out so you can get first pick. Finally, the oldest trick in the book: steal from mum. I know that mummy faries-wear-boots has loads of cute necklaces, bracelets, rings and dangly earrings, because she's a jewellery fiend like me. If you're the same size steal her clothes and if you can, nick some shirts / oversized jackets and jumpers from your dad.

Any more tips or any feedback on the post? The comment box is wide open.

26 September 2013

Leather more co-ordinated than I am at sport

// Tunic - Primark, £4 // Gilet - H&M Girls', £14.99 // Leggins - River Island, £22 // Belt - Vintage shop in Camden, £5 // Necklace - Topshop sale, £2 // Doc Martens - Agyness Deyn for Doc Marten sale, £90 //

Co-ord is a tricky trend for the tight of cash, because it means buying two new items of clothing at one time. Pretty sure my bank balance can't cope with that. So in order to side-step the funds gap, I've used the texture as the matchy-matchy part, as I already have lots of leather items. 

The top/dress/tunic is a £4 Primark buy that I normally wear as a - very - mini-dress, but I used the total capacity of my intellect to decide that it, perhaps, wouldn't be quite appropriate to wear like that to sixth form. I used my fave studded black belt to shorten it, so it would wear more like a tunic. 
Then black leggins finishing it off easily. However, the ones I'm wearing are a thicker, more riding-trouser style and have a ribbed-effect down the side, so they're a bit more interesting than just plain ones.
If we're being technical, the gilet isn't actually leather (well neither are the sleeves on the dress, but you know what I mean, leather look) it's supposed to be faux-suede, however unless you look up close the textures of the two cheap materials look really similar.

My aim was to channel the glam-punk look seen the last few seasons, especially the one at Versace AW13. If you haven't seen the Versace collection click here, because it really was amazing: leather, fur, PVC, embellishments, studs, spikes, monochrome, contrasting red, cut out, tartan... Everything that screams sexy and empowered with a voice full of attitude. 

The glam part of my "Versace Punk" or "Vunk" look was the necklace, which I got in the Topshop sale a while back, but you if you type in "spike necklace" into eBay you can find super cheap copies easily.

Let me know what you think of the look; any improvements? All feedback will be taken constructively and not harbored as a personal vendetta against you for the rest of your life I swear.

24 September 2013

// Playing polo with grunge //

 // Cashmere sweater - John Lewis, £Expensive (it's my mum's, I just stole it) // Tartan leggins - Topshop, via a blogger's bigcartel £12 originally around £28 // Bomber - Camden Market, about £20 // Earrings - Topshop sale £2.50 //

// Boots - Dr Martens 1461 Shoe //


The difficulty in A/W is always the compromise between warmth and style, because if I've got a nice jumper I don't want to cover it up with a coat!!!! And if I've got a nice top on, I don't want to cover it with a jumper!!!! 
However, this cashmere sweater totally solves that issue. Firstly, I love it, so whatever top I'm wearing can take the hit. 
Secondly, the polo neck pokes out the top of your coat so everyone can still see it, even when you're wrapped up against the British weather. 
Plus: its black so you can use it for monochrome outfits and also goes with everything, polo-necks are super on trend and - lets be honest, most importantly - it's sooo nice to snuggle up in. Fashion and comfort; basically unheard of!

I paired it with my tartan leggins for interest of pattern and to keep it typically me and grungy. Tartan trousers (and tartan anythings) are everywhere right now. A resurgence of the fabric worn by punks as a mark of rebellion in the 1970s, it's been shown by everyone from Chanel to Céline to Lanvin this A/W13. Despite it's now trend status the print still retains it's edginess and air of anti-conformity.
I finished the look by adding some statement black and neon yellow jeweled earrings. I thought the neon would contrast really well with the black of the jumper and the blue of the leggins. The
black centre and little black skulls tie them in to the outfit, matching the black jumper, so they don't just look like a random add-in.
Do I you think I should plan my outfit more? ....
The bomber kept the grunge vibe and I thought worked well tonally with the rest of the outfit, keeping it pretty dark and moody with the exception of the earrings. 
When I left the house, obviously - it's me - I donned docs. That day I went for my low top black doc shoes. #grungeforlyfe