8 October 2013

Alexa Chung on the cheap

// Dress - Primark, £5 // Blazer - Primark via charity shop, £3 // Leather jacket - New Look via car boot, £2 // Doc Martens - "vintage" via car boot, £2 // Locket necklace - Primark, £2 // Amber earrings - stolen via mum, no charge! //

Today's outfit takes inspiration from one of my fashion icons: the mighty Chung. Despite, of course, having just as much access to the expensive couture brands as Alexa does and having many, many connections to designers such as Karl Largerfeld and Emma HIll (of Mulberry); I freely decided to act like the rest of her cult following and copy her style from the highstreet - not because I've got no £, (actually make that p) or anything.

A skater skirt or dress is a typical shape for Alexa and they're available everywhere at the moment. Topshop and River Island offer great "mid-range" price choices, but many of us can't range to that mid too often. My almost-empty pockets point to Primark. An admittedly smaller selection, but who can argue with £5?

If you've got the time you can easily make a simple skater dress more interesting by cutting the collar and cuffs off a white shirt, leaving a few inches round the side and tacking them onto the dress. Look to the Valentino A/W13 collection for some inspiration. As well as trying a shirt with lace details, you could try  one in a contrasting colour to your dress or with an interesting pattern - maybe checked? I'm planning to do a blog post on my own attempt, so if the idea appeals, keep tabs on this blog!

Final money saving tips: Obviously car boots if you can brave the early starts and regular trips to the troves of your local charity shops - ask them what days they generally put stock out so you can get first pick. Finally, the oldest trick in the book: steal from mum. I know that mummy faries-wear-boots has loads of cute necklaces, bracelets, rings and dangly earrings, because she's a jewellery fiend like me. If you're the same size steal her clothes and if you can, nick some shirts / oversized jackets and jumpers from your dad.

Any more tips or any feedback on the post? The comment box is wide open.

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