5 December 2013

Forget a ballgown, my favourite gown is of the dressing kind.

 // Coat - Urban Outfitters, £85 // Shirt - Primark // Leather trousers - H&M, £15 //

By far the most expensive item I own, this coat was my treat to myself. There are so many fluffy teddy-bear coats around this season, all very similar. Unlike most, this one isn't a tailored version, making it more of a casual coat you can wear every day and feel comfortable in. It also fulfills the function of a coat: it actually keeps you warm! This, let's face it, is something some of the nicest coats just don't do. Many of the blazer-style or boyfriend coats don't do up or have an extremely low neck, letting the wind blister in and chill you like hell, but mercifully this one zips up.

This purchase really reminded me of the benefit of buying from shops instead of shopping online. It was the actual feel of this coat that sold it to me. Unlike most of the other "fluffy" coats that look soft but generally aren't, this one literally feels like you're being enveloped by a ball of cotton wool.

Despite getting 20% off thanks to a coupon from ELLE mag and using a gift voucher I had, the coat set me back £50. I know it's a lot, but who wouldn't pay that to never have to leave the snuggly dressing gown feeling at home!


  1. Great styling! Love your blog and style <3


  2. Hello there! I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award: http://onceuponatasha.blogspot.ca/2014/06/sleeping-beauty.html