22 October 2013

An embellished tale


// Leather jacket - New Look via carboot, £2 // Checked shirt - Primark, £6 // Beaded top - Topshop sale, £20 // Velvet skirt - Topshop, £30 // Ring - Topshop sale, £2 // Agyness Deyn Doc Martens, £90 //

I bought this beaded top for half price, but for such a dressy top it still seemed like a lot of money for the amount of wear I'd get out of it. Dressing it down by layering it with a classic simple checked cotton shirt and leather jacket combo meant I could get away with it for sixth form. Previously I had only worn it three times, so I'm dead pleased.

Speaking of the dead, who's looking forward to Hallowe'en?! I've finally decided on a costume idea, but as usual I've not left much time to execute it! Little bit about me: Halloween is my favourite holiday, because I'm a bit of an introvertly wannabe goth - see it reflected in my haste to jump on any punk/grunge/dark romance trends. Also, my music taste provides the perfect backdrop to the celebration. For those who didn't catch the reference, "Faries Wear Boots" is the name of my favourite Black Sabbath song; it seemed an appropriate title of blog for a girl who rarely steps out without her docs on.


  1. Loving your outfit- that tank & your checked shirt are gorgeous.

    Sarah-Jane xo

  2. Replies
    1. Thankyou! I definitely see that in your style too