24 September 2013

// Playing polo with grunge //

 // Cashmere sweater - John Lewis, £Expensive (it's my mum's, I just stole it) // Tartan leggins - Topshop, via a blogger's bigcartel £12 originally around £28 // Bomber - Camden Market, about £20 // Earrings - Topshop sale £2.50 //

// Boots - Dr Martens 1461 Shoe //


The difficulty in A/W is always the compromise between warmth and style, because if I've got a nice jumper I don't want to cover it up with a coat!!!! And if I've got a nice top on, I don't want to cover it with a jumper!!!! 
However, this cashmere sweater totally solves that issue. Firstly, I love it, so whatever top I'm wearing can take the hit. 
Secondly, the polo neck pokes out the top of your coat so everyone can still see it, even when you're wrapped up against the British weather. 
Plus: its black so you can use it for monochrome outfits and also goes with everything, polo-necks are super on trend and - lets be honest, most importantly - it's sooo nice to snuggle up in. Fashion and comfort; basically unheard of!

I paired it with my tartan leggins for interest of pattern and to keep it typically me and grungy. Tartan trousers (and tartan anythings) are everywhere right now. A resurgence of the fabric worn by punks as a mark of rebellion in the 1970s, it's been shown by everyone from Chanel to Céline to Lanvin this A/W13. Despite it's now trend status the print still retains it's edginess and air of anti-conformity.
I finished the look by adding some statement black and neon yellow jeweled earrings. I thought the neon would contrast really well with the black of the jumper and the blue of the leggins. The
black centre and little black skulls tie them in to the outfit, matching the black jumper, so they don't just look like a random add-in.
Do I you think I should plan my outfit more? ....
The bomber kept the grunge vibe and I thought worked well tonally with the rest of the outfit, keeping it pretty dark and moody with the exception of the earrings. 
When I left the house, obviously - it's me - I donned docs. That day I went for my low top black doc shoes. #grungeforlyfe


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