26 September 2013

Leather more co-ordinated than I am at sport

// Tunic - Primark, £4 // Gilet - H&M Girls', £14.99 // Leggins - River Island, £22 // Belt - Vintage shop in Camden, £5 // Necklace - Topshop sale, £2 // Doc Martens - Agyness Deyn for Doc Marten sale, £90 //

Co-ord is a tricky trend for the tight of cash, because it means buying two new items of clothing at one time. Pretty sure my bank balance can't cope with that. So in order to side-step the funds gap, I've used the texture as the matchy-matchy part, as I already have lots of leather items. 

The top/dress/tunic is a £4 Primark buy that I normally wear as a - very - mini-dress, but I used the total capacity of my intellect to decide that it, perhaps, wouldn't be quite appropriate to wear like that to sixth form. I used my fave studded black belt to shorten it, so it would wear more like a tunic. 
Then black leggins finishing it off easily. However, the ones I'm wearing are a thicker, more riding-trouser style and have a ribbed-effect down the side, so they're a bit more interesting than just plain ones.
If we're being technical, the gilet isn't actually leather (well neither are the sleeves on the dress, but you know what I mean, leather look) it's supposed to be faux-suede, however unless you look up close the textures of the two cheap materials look really similar.

My aim was to channel the glam-punk look seen the last few seasons, especially the one at Versace AW13. If you haven't seen the Versace collection click here, because it really was amazing: leather, fur, PVC, embellishments, studs, spikes, monochrome, contrasting red, cut out, tartan... Everything that screams sexy and empowered with a voice full of attitude. 

The glam part of my "Versace Punk" or "Vunk" look was the necklace, which I got in the Topshop sale a while back, but you if you type in "spike necklace" into eBay you can find super cheap copies easily.

Let me know what you think of the look; any improvements? All feedback will be taken constructively and not harbored as a personal vendetta against you for the rest of your life I swear.

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