4 August 2013

Loads of designers channeled oriental for S/S13 and one of the easiest ways for the everyday street girl to access this trend has been by the employment of one type of jacket - the kimono.

The problem for many of us is that the high street shops' versions of these pieces of silky outerwear often slip out of our grasp thanks to their price. Prices are pretty much set above the £45 mark. I found H&M are the only shop that do them at low prices, but they're so often out of stock.

So, what are the alternatives? Vintage shops, charity shops and eBay. I picked my kimono up for a tenner at the charity shop down my road. Also, you could try looking in the nightwear sections at dressing gowns in shops.

I found that the best and most expensive-looking of the high street kimonos were the ones with fringing or tasseling, so this post is about how after you've found a cheaper kimono, you can make it look more expensive.

Basically it involves stitching some hemming to the sleeves or bottom of your kimono. You can buy this from craft shops or online - eBay has a huge choice.

I used one that I had at home already that I bought from John Lewis about a year ago.

You will need:

The process: 

Step 1: Measure the length of what you will be hemming, so you know how much to buy. It's helpful to buy a little extra hemming than you actually need to make up for any errors in measuring or mistakes you might make later(!)
Step 2: Turn your garment inside out to expose the hem.
Step 3: Place your hemming just a few millimetres form the top of the hemline and pin it in place.
Stitch along the seam, trying to only let the needle go through the top layer of the kimono, this way you wont see the stitching.

When you get to the start again, snip off the excess.
Stitch the two ends of the hemming together as shown.
Repeat on the other sleeve.

Any questions feel free to ask.

This is my first ever post, so any feedback - no matter how critical (!)- is appreciated.

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